Stream Bank Restoration Project
February 7, 2022
After severe rainfall, this homeowner lost approximately 20% of their property to erosion damage. We restored the water damage into a beautiful stream, bringing this property back to its former glory! To begin, our team excavated and removed the silt and sediment in the creek bed, returning the stream to its original footprint. Then, a gabion wall was installed to stabilize the soil behind the structure and new foliage was planted.
To start the stream restoration process, our team excavated along the eroded bank by removing loose soil and rocks. We then installed a woven separation fabric over the stream bank and cages to create a gabion wall—the hexagonal mesh, rock, and baskets used to stabilize the soil. Finally, we removed any remaining sediment so the stream can endure excessive rainfall from future storms.
New Landscape
To enhance the overall aesthetics of the final landscape, we planted shrubs including fothergilla, winterberry, and red twig dogwood. We also incorporated perennials like astilbe, hellebore, autumn fern, and vinca minor above the gabion wall.
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