Picturesque Pond Transformation
June 26, 2020
Wilmington, DE
We transformed this pond from disarray into a picturesque water feature! Our client approached us for help because his pond's waterfalls stopped working and the liner wasn't retaining water. Upon further inspection, we also discovered that due to inadequate filtration, UV lighting, and improper aeration, the existing pond water was in poor condition. After diagnosing the disrepair, we got to work restoring the pond’s functionality and beauty.
Hardscape Reconstruction
Before we could get started on the waterfall repair, our team removed the stone and old liner surrounding the pond since it had several leaks. This was later reconstructed with a new liner, adding a stronger layer of protection against potential leaks and tears.
Water Services
The waterfall's plumbing and pump needed to be replaced to improve the pond's aeration and water quality. Without the fall's flow, the water wasn't properly filtering. To remedy this, we installed an efficient UV light filtration system to treat contaminants in the pond water.
Accent Plantings
For the finishing touch, we installed plant material around the pond’s rocks to give it a natural look and enhance the pond’s overall aesthetic. This added to the pond's ambiance as well as the landscape's beauty, resulting in a serene outdoor haven.
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