Natural Stone Pond
March 6, 2019
Chadds Ford, PA
We found this pond in disrepair. The liner leaked, the mortar was cracking, the water feature wasn’t functioning. Because of this, there was not enough air and water circulation, leading to stagnant water and algae formation. The pond was also too deep for wildlife to interact with the water.
Water Services
Our team created water features that allowed for adequate water circulation. We installed one fountain, one slow-trickling fall which integrated a natural stone, and one large waterfall with a pump and filter.
We fixed the cracked mortar so the natural stone walls were secured in place. We worked with the client to choose materials in colors to match the natural stone outcroppings found on the property and surrounding areas.
One of the most interesting features of this project were the lights that our team installed. We fitted lighting into the bottom of the pond to highlight the plant life and stonework.
Depth Control
We reduced the depth of the pond to encourage and invite wildlife into the area. Our team created a cutout at the edge of the pond to allow animals to interact with the water.
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