French Planter Fountain
August 17, 2020
Wilmington, DE
One of our clients purchased this beautiful limestone planter from a French monastery with the intention of converting it into a fountain. After arriving from Europe, it endured a particularly cold winter, and the planter unfortunately cracked. However, a skilled craftsman on our team came to the rescue—ensuring the planter still became a charming fountain.
One of our skilled craftsmen repaired the planter’s crack and sealed it like new. To prepare the planter for installation, he also painted a waterproof seal on the inside to prevent water damage and further cracks. For the finishing touch, we worked with a local metal workshop to create a beautiful copper bin as the fountain’s basin.
Fountain Installation
To convert the planter into a fountain, we drilled a hole in the limestone and installed a pump with a regulator. This allowed us to adjust the pressure just right so it softly cascades down the sides. Now, the repurposed planter is a soothing fountain that adds to the ambiance of our customer's landscape.
Accent Plantings
As a complementary accent, our customer planted beautiful purple irises around the fountain and its copper basin. These emphasized the beauty of the fountain while drawing attention to the contrasting colors of the irises and the limestone.
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