A Guide to Fall Shrubs Planting: Enhancing Your Landscape with Autumnal Charm 

When selecting plants for a landscape display, it is important to consider options outside of vibrant floral blooms. By incorporating shrubs into the design, you can maintain visual appeal all year round. We narrowed it down to two must-have shrubs: autumn hues and year-round charm, all best suited for Delaware’s Hardiness Zone 7.

Autumn Hues


Crape Myrtle

During autumn, Crape Myrtles are known for their stunning transformation, providing a feast of foliage and delicate, crepe-like flowers. These flowers come in various colors, such as pink, red, and purple, adding a sophisticated touch to your garden. The versatility of Crape Myrtle colors allows for creative landscaping designs, offering options for every aesthetic preference.

Virginia Sweetspire

For a breathtaking display of autumn hues, look no further than the Virginia Sweetspire. This deciduous shrub is a true gem in the fall garden. What makes this shrub truly special is its adaptability. Virginia Sweetspire thrives in various soil types, from moist to slightly dry, and is remarkably low-maintenance. As the temperatures cool, these shrubs come alive with a blaze of color.  The plant’s leaves evolve into a mesmerizing vibrant red and orange palette, providing a stunning focal point in your landscape.


Goldflame Spirea

Goldflame Spirea is a delightful shrub that turns into a radiant masterpiece in the autumn months. As the season changes, its foliage transitions from warm golden hues to fiery red and orange shades. These captivating colors add depth and contrast to your garden, creating a dynamic visual display that’s hard to resist. The Goldflame Spirea thrives in the fall and brings a sense of warmth to your exterior space, making it a superb choice for those seeking a touch of autumn magic on their property.

Year-Round Charm



Consider using the classic Boxwood shrub for a versatile and elegant addition to your garden that will provide a lush background throughout all seasons. Their dense, glossy green leaves give a sense of permanence and structure to your garden display. Whether blanketed in snow, touched by autumn’s colors, or in summer’s warmth, Boxwoods are a consistent source of green beauty. They serve as an excellent foundation for garden design and provide stability and refinement that lasts all year.

Tortuga Juniper

A great option for year-round beauty is the Tortuga Juniper. These resilient shrubs have a distinct combination of silvery-blue leaves and a full growth pattern that remains attractive throughout all seasons. These Junipers serve as reliable accents in traditional and contemporary landscapes, ensuring your garden exudes allure, from the vibrant greens of summer to the serene, frost-kissed blues of winter.


Oakleaf Hydrangea

The Oakleaf Hydrangea adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. During late summer and fall, it produces large, cone-shaped flower clusters that come in classic white for a timeless look or a variety of shades of pink, burgundy, and deep purple for enchanting pops of color. Its distinctive oak-shaped leaves add interest and texture to the landscape, creating a balanced and alluring design.

Whatever you feel your landscape arrangement is missing, we’re here to help you create a harmonious arrangement that accentuates your lawn and home style. Contact us to talk to an expert and plan your garden additions.

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