Tips To Prepare Your Landscape For Spring
Kris Vento
Spring Winter

After winter, your landscape will likely need a thorough cleanup before spring returns. Early preparation is critical for having your landscape in top shape for the warmer months ahead. Read on to learn a few tips to help transform your property for spring.

Cleanup & Rake

Debris, like dead branches, shrubs, and leaves may have fallen onto your property over the winter, making your landscape appear unkempt. Removing fallen debris helps keep your property clean, and thoroughly raking your lawn allows airflow, sunlight, water, and nutrients to reach grass roots for optimal growth. Also, insects are less likely to infest an adequately maintained, debris-free lawn.


Edging your lawn is a great way to spruce up your property while keeping your garden neat and free from invasive grass and weeds. Redefining existing lawn edges and flower beds will make it easier to control weeds, trim plants, and prevents an unappealing overgrown look. The best time to edge your flower beds and garden is after the last frost of the Mid-Atlantic winter season, around March or April.

Treat Winter Snow Mold Damage

Snow mold is a common fungus that develops under snow during the winter and typically grows in shady areas, like under trees, bushes, and beside homes. Treating your lawn for snow mold in the early spring by raking matted leaves will help damaged turfgrass recover in the warmer spring weather. If the affected areas are not recovering over time, consider reseeding in the late summer or early fall.

Fertilize Perennials

Perennials benefit from fertilizer just before new spring growth emerges. Applying fertilizer to perennials helps the plants develop beautiful blooms, encourages healthy growth, and provides a finishing pristine look to your property. If you would like help selecting the best perennial plants for your landscape, our team is happy to help. Contact us today to learn more about our seasonal color services.

Preparing and maintaining your landscape before spring is essential for a lush and well-manicured property during the warm months. Get a head start, and your landscape will be healthy and ready for blossoms come springtime. For professional spring landscaping, contact us at (302) 661-1950.