Best Light Features For Your Landscape
Kris Vento

Illuminating your landscape with outdoor lighting will highlight the best parts of your property while lighting pathways to ‚Äč‚Äčensure safe navigation for you and your visitors. When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are dozens of choices. Read on to learn about lighting types to incorporate into your outdoor space.

Path Lighting

Path lighting will help you and your guests safely navigate illuminated walkways and sidewalks. Instead of flooding your property with excess light, path lighting provides localized pools of low light on commonly traversed routes. This lighting is commonly installed on both sides of walkways, in gardens, along driveways, and around flower beds.

String Lighting

This lighting option is perfect for stringing around trees, shrubs, or backyard patios to add soft ambient lighting. String lights offer a subtle and dim glow, providing a relaxing atmosphere ideal for lounging or hosting events outside. This affordable lighting addition will give you and your guests a bright space to enjoy long nights of outdoor entertainment.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is the brightest backyard lighting, offering safety benefits for you and your property. This flood light option is often installed in elevated spaces, above garages, in trees, front door entrances, and backyards. Many contain built-in sensors to detect movement in the immediate area. Also, illuminated doorways and windows with light sensors make it difficult for intruders to break in undetected. In addition, some insurance companies will offer credits and policy discounts for homes with proper exterior lighting.


Uplighting offers a seamless lighting option that highlights the most flattering elements of your home and landscape while providing safer outdoor entertaining and lounging at night. When placed near the base of a tree, shrub, flora array, or hardscape feature, uplighting produces a dramatic and elegant luminous effect on your property, making it ideal for outdoor entertaining, lounging, and navigation at night.

Outdoor lighting adds visual interest, highlights your property’s best features, and creates a safer space for you and your guests. Let us help you determine lighting solutions that perfectly fit your landscape. Call our office today at (302) 661-1950 or contact us online to get started.