Protect Your Property From Ice and Snow This Winter
Kris Vento
Lawn Care Winter

Winter is right around the corner, and the chances for icy precipitation grow as the temperature drops. Ice and snow can take a toll on your landscape, and icy conditions increase the risk of injuries due to slips and falls. So this winter, instead of spending the day outdoors shoveling ice and snow, consider using ice melter to help clear your walkways and driveways.

Apply Salt Before a Storm

Spreading salt or de-icing compounds to your walkways before a snow or ice storm allows it to start working immediately when the flakes begin to fall. The salt quickly melts and absorbs water enabling you to safely traverse your walkways without worrying about the snow adding another slippery layer. The salt application also saves you the backbreaking work of shoveling multiple times throughout a storm. Shoveling snow can be dangerous, especially if the snow is wet and heavy, and even re-applying salt is much easier than moving large amounts of snow and ice.

Consider a Service

Hiring a service to clear your high-trafficked areas will take away the hassle of handling large bags and spreaders, allowing you to enjoy the winter wonderland without worry. In addition, having your walkways cleared makes getting to and from your home safer and more accessible. Let us help you ensure safer sidewalks this season with our salting services. Contact us today to schedule for snow and ice season.

Protect Plants

Some salts can harm vulnerable flora. If you have plants bordering a walkway or driveway sensitive to salt, consider covering them with burlap during inclement weather to protect them from direct salt damage. If you are next to a high-traffic road that experiences salt and road runoff, we can suggest hardscape solutions that re-direct water into a sewer rather than your lawn or garden. These solutions can be as simple as adding a raised stone barrier between your property and driveway. Even temporary solutions like a plastic barrier or snow fencing can assist in keeping areas beyond your walkways salt-free.

If you need help with snow management this winter, or if you would like to implement solutions for runoff, let us help! Our team can suggest, design, and build hardscape or runoff solutions that protect your property and its vegetation and keep your safety in mind. Contact us to get started before the winter weather comes your way.