How to Prepare Your Outdoors for Winter
Kris Vento

With the temperatures dropping in the Mid-Atlantic region, it’s time to winterize your property for the cold season ahead. Preparing your landscape for cold weather in early winter can help you avoid ice and snow damage and ensure you can enjoy your landscape again during warmer spring weather. Read on to learn the steps you can take to prepare your property now.

Clean Gutters of Debris and Leaves

Debris stuck in gutters can prevent water from flowing freely, creating moisture buildup that will freeze, expand, and result in long-term damage to your roof water management system. Before the snow falls, ensure your gutters are clear of loose twigs, sticks, and leaves. We also recommend checking your drainage system to verify nothing is blocking the water flow to your sewage or drainage system. Like your gutters, pooling water can leak back into your home and cause significant water damage.

Shut Off Outdoor Water Supply

Disconnecting your outdoor water valve in the winter will help prevent the expanding freezing water from bursting pipes and fixtures. Additionally, consider stowing your disconnected hoses and nozzles in a shed or garage to protect them from winter weather. Storing hoses during the winter will extend your outdoor equipment’s life and ensure they will be in good shape when the spring landscaping season starts.

De-Ice Walkways and Patios

Ice and snow can make your walkways challenging to traverse, and frozen water can cause cracks in vulnerable hardscaping. Protect yourself and your property by applying ice melt compounds to your walkways that quickly melt snow and ice. Distributing ice melt before a potential snowstorm will help keep your sidewalks and walkways free of slippery snow and ice and may help you avoid strenuous shoveling.

Protect Outdoor Furniture

To ensure your outdoor furniture is prepared for the winter, clean and tightly cover them before inclement weather and storage. Cleaning your furniture before stowing saves you a step in spring, allowing you to spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing come warm weather. Store your outdoor furniture in a shed or garage—especially your patio umbrellas, which are particularly vulnerable to harsh winter wind, snow, and ice. If you don’t have available storage space, consider upgrading your current set with weatherproof furniture that can withstand year-round weather conditions.

If you need help preparing your outdoors for the winter weather, contact us. We can help you with routine maintenance that will help your property shine, even in the coldest of months.