Cold Weather Planting for Outdoor Spaces
Kris Vento
Fall Winter

Although cooler weather can hinder planting choices, selecting diverse flora that thrive in colder temperatures can help create a vibrant winter landscape to enjoy all season long. Keep reading for a few planting recommendations to enhance the look of your outdoor space well into winter.

Evergreen Trees

If you want to plant trees that keep their color year-round, evergreens do just that. Even in the colder months, they stay green and lush. In addition, the large variety of evergreen species allows you to add interest and texture to your landscape by mixing plants that range in height, color, and shape. A few of our recommendations include cypress trees, blue spruce, and juniper.

Decorative Cabbages and Kales

Cabbage and kale are an excellent addition to your winter landscape as they are frost tolerant and thrive in cooler temperatures. These cruciferous vegetables vary in color from green to deep purple, and their curly leaves can add a unique texture to your landscape. Additionally, cabbage and kale plants do exceptionally well in container plantings and require little pruning to stay full and beautiful.


Like evergreen trees, holly is a shrub that comes in various shapes, colors, and sizes, allowing you to select the perfect plant for your landscape. Some holly feature multicolored leaves and berries that add vibrance and color to your property year-round. Berries can also attract local songbirds that feed off the fruit in the winter months to create a picture-perfect seasonal landscape.

Lenten Roses

Flowers are rare in late winter, but an early bloom beginning in February sets the Lenten rose apart from other perennials. In addition, the Lenten rose adds a muted beauty to your garden, with colors ranging from ivory to dark maroon. Consider planting these flowering perennials in clumps to enhance the effect of their unusual winter blossoms.

If you want your winter landscape to look lush, we recommend planting during the fall season. Contact us if you would like assistance with autumn planting or preparing your property for winter!