Why Mulch Is The Best Groundcover For Your Landscape
Kris Vento
Fall Lawn Care

Organic mulch is the best choice for groundcover in flower beds and gardens. Gravel, stones, and other synthetic mulch are also common choices, but for the reasons we’ll cover below, there’s nothing better than organic mulch for protecting and beautifying your landscape.

Water Usage & Temperature Control

Two important benefits that mulch provides are due to its ability to protect soil from the elements. By acting as a layer of insulation for the ground below, mulch slows down the evaporation of moisture and regulates the soil temperature.

This reduces the amount of watering needed, and also keeps soil temperatures in an ideal range – cooler in summer heat and warmer during the winter, therefore protecting dormant seeds or roots of perennials from dropping temperatures. This is especially important for new fall plantings that are establishing root systems.

Added Nutrients Encourage Growth

Mulch can consist of various organic materials, such as wood, bark, leaves, grass, and pine needles. As this material breaks down, all of the nutrients transfer to the soil beneath it. The nutrients are then absorbed by the plants and trees in the area, allowing them to grow bigger and healthier.

Weed Control

Mulch does a great job inhibiting the growth of invasive plants that can quickly take over a garden. By preventing sunlight from reaching seeds, a layer of mulch makes it difficult for weeds to reach the surface. Mulching in early spring before weeds have the opportunity to sprout yields the best results.

Less Maintenance

Since it helps keep weeds at bay, mulch can reduce the amount of routine maintenance needed. As mentioned above, organic material eventually breaks down, so there is no need to remove it.

Mulch also protects against soil erosion.  Wind, rain, and other factors can cause erosion over time, but a layer of mulch can help prevent that and help keep root systems protected and covered by nutrient rich soil.

To take advantage of all the benefits mulch provides while improving your property’s curb appeal, let us help. We offer a variety of year round maintenance services, including mulching! Contact us to get started today.