What Is Stormwater Management and Why Is It Important?
Kris Vento

April showers bring May flowers along with excess water into your property. Stormwater management provides an efficient system to redirect water out of your lawn and helps prevent flood damage to your landscape and home. In addition, stormwater management plays a huge part in maintaining the infrastructure of our towns and cities and preventing harmful pollutants from entering our bodies of water.

A System Hidden in Plain Sight 

When we experience significant rainfall or snowmelt, excess water drains from roofs, roads, and watertight surfaces, capturing debris like grease from cars, toxic chemicals, bacteria from animal waste, and more. Without a stormwater management system, this water absorbs back into the soil and eventually reaches our aquifers and waterways. Everything the water picked up also ends up in those waterways, causing water to become polluted. In more developed areas where the water-soluble ground is paved over or developed, the water has fewer opportunities to absorb back into the ground. Obstructed water flow can cause flooding risks, and polluted rainwater can end up causing damage to roads, homes, and landscapes.

Stormwater management not only provides an area for extra water to gather, but it also creates a filtration system to absorb surface pollutants from the water before it reaches underground aquifers or larger bodies of water. Water filtration systems are vital in keeping the entire community healthy and safe, whether situated within a residential neighborhood or a commercial property.

How We Can Help

We take stormwater seriously and have experience in all aspects of keeping systems maintained and working properly. In addition to our extensive experience, we are Blue Card certified sediment control specialists from The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and certified pest applicators by the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

Our team serves New Castle County and The DNREC to maintain, repair, and renovate stormwater ponds, drainage basins, and sand filters. We specialize in the following aspects of stormwater management:

  • Inspection: Our team uses a combination of prior knowledge, New Castle County reports, and as-built plans to review the conditions of each unique stormwater facility.


  • Renovation: We provide many services, including erosion repair, turf restoration, aeration, biological controls, invasive vegetation elimination, shoreline restoration, and sand replacement to protect your property from water damage and ensure the stormwater management system will function effectively.


  • Repairs: If your property is damaged by floodwaters or erosion, we will implement systems to redirect water or create Rip Rap walls (see image below) to prevent earth erosion into an adjacent creek or stream. If a stormwater system has been damaged, we can replace pipes, inlet, and outlet structures and reconstruct storm drains depending on the severity of the damage.


  • Maintenance: Our team provides seasonal mowing, elimination of invasive vegetation, removal of trees, and woody plants, debris removal, and biological and herbicidal controls. Seasonal maintenance helps lessen the amounts of loose vegetarian and debris that can be collected by quickly flowing stormwater and potentially block or clog storm drains

Consider implementing stormwater management systems this spring if you are experiencing flooding on your residential or commercial property due to excessive rainwater. Contact us online or call (302)-661-1950 for more information about how we can design, build and maintain your stormwater system this year.