Landscaping Tips for a Winter Wonderland
Kris Vento

After seeing all the colors and textures that emerge during the warmer months, landscapes in the winter can easily feel dull and bland by comparison. However, creating a visual masterpiece in the winter months can be accomplished with thoughtful additions to your overall landscape design. As it’s vital to give plants, shrubs, and trees time to establish roots and acclimate to the ground, designing a landscape with every season in mind is key. To help, we’ve pulled together a few tips below so your landscape shines all season long.


Consider Durable Decor

Adding durable decor to your landscape is a great option in the winter as you can really get a feel for what spaces are lacking on your property. Consider a decorative trellis or a colorful garden bench – both require minimal effort but can serve as strong focal points.

Mix in Evergreens

Mixing evergreens into your landscape can add the green lushness that is often missing during the winter months. Evergreens come in all shapes and sizes as well as a variety of colors but benefit most from time to develop. Planting during spring or autumn will allow for optimal growth, which is vital to see the impact evergreens will have on your winter landscape.

Add Plants With Colorful Barks

It’s important to consider how each plant in your landscape will look throughout the year. Deciduous trees, in particular, add a lush texture in the warmer months, but without leaves, they can quickly add to the bleak grey feeling of winter. Whereas ornamental trees like Japanese maple or birch have distinctive barks that make them stand out in the winter landscape long after they have shed their leaves. So when designing, incorporate plants with distinctive barks to keep a lively landscape!

Choose Plants With Colorful Berries

Many shrubs hold on to their fruit throughout the winter, adding a lovely pop of color while also providing a treat for local birds in your area. Shrubs like hollies and crabapples are a great addition to a winter landscape and add a little red that feels just perfect for the holiday season.

Use Summer Planters for Decoration

If your summer planters are past their prime, dress them up for the holidays! Simply adding sticks, the aforementioned holly boughs, or evergreens will quickly add a pop of color to any space. Dress it up further with a few extra bows or lights. The planters can then be easily moved around your landscape to create focal points on your property.

Add in Winter Perennials

In Delaware, a variety of perennials can survive through the winter. Wintergreen Boxwood, Coral Bells, and more can be planted throughout your garden to provide consistent color. Find more information about which perennials work best in the Delaware climate along with winter planting tips in our blog.

Following these tips can add interest to your property and let you enjoy your landscape all season long – without experiencing the winter blues. If you need assistance staying on top of your gardens’ maintenance this winter or are interested in renovating your current landscape, fill out our contact form!